Why Do I Observe Shabbat?

Why Do I Observe Shabbat? By Daniella Robicsek Botnick My good friend Alex Fleksher asked me to write an article that attempts to answer that question.  I find the question difficult. While I could give many intellectually compelling reasons why I observe Shabbos, I honestly don’t think about Shabbos that way, and I don’t think […]

Making Challah

Making Challah By Yiskah Fantl The mitzvah of challah is actually the separation of a smaller piece of dough from the dough. God spoke to Moshe saying, “And it will be when you eat of the bread of the land, you should bring an offering to G-d. The first of your kneading bowl you shall […]

The Symbolism of Challah

The Symbolism of Challah By Yiskah Fantl There are many beautiful insights on the mitzvah of Challah. While I only have room to encourage a few, I encourage everyone to continue to learn and grow from this extraordinary mitzvah. Challah embodies the concept of taking something physical and elevating it to the spiritual. Not only […]

Confessions of a Table Captain at the Great Challah Bake

Confessions of a Table Captain at the Great Challah Bake By Adina Soclof My first attempts at baking Challah almost twenty years ago when I was a newlywed were abysmal. Now, I wasn’t clueless, it wasn’t until way into my first year of marriage that I decided to try my hand at the difficult culinary […]

Not What I Expected

Not What I Expected By Rivki Silver It was supposed to be a Shabbaton, a communal meal, where I could blend in and be unobtrusive. That’s what it said on the website. But when I called to make a reservation, the rabbi told me, “Actually, the website is wrong! But you can come to us […]